Order 8 String Ukulele


Double Ukulele

Have 2 different sounds, high pitch and lower pitch This was for a professional player and was also presented as a 21st key.

Tangaroa Ukulele

Ukulele with 4 Tangaroa figurines without compromising the sound quality.

Customised Design

Fully carved. Ordered for a wonderful husband on his 40th Birthday. This was an international order from a customer in Italy.

Standard 8 Strings ukulele

Plain and standard 8 strings ukulele without customised design.

Hole at back ukulele

Backview shot of the 8 strings ukulele with traditional hole at the back.

Ukulele for children

Made for a special girl who was eager to learn how to play ukulele at school.  This ukulele has helped Iris advance her playing. Perfect gift for loved ones.

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